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2008 " KillingFreeTime@Cyprus "

Pink Skirt

The project is about the design of forms of “contamination” between civilian and military zones in Cyprus and in which ways they influence the “contemplation” of the historic (military) object. What if relaxing in Cyprus is evolved around this “contamination” generating new hybrid landscapes?

The aim is to emphasize, in a critical manner, the fact that one of Cyprus main characteristics is that it has been part of military activities over the years:
1. Most of historical objects in Cyprus are military infrastructure (city walls, castles, observation towers) built by all those people who were stationed on the island over the years.
2. Actually, a large part of its territory is part of military zones rather present over the civilian zone. There is a great amount of actual military infrastructure of various armies stationed over almost 50 years now, (Turkish, Greek, British, United Nations)

What if one stretches the “architectural heritage menu”, by removing the time factor, and including all sorts of military infrastructure, past and present? What sort of new forms of contamination between civilian zones of relaxing and military zone will appear, and what kind of new landscapes?

The form of the project could be the design of an “engine”, of a “contamination planner”, called the “KillingFreeTime@Cyprus”. Each tourist could use the “engine” in order to “plan” the degree of risk to take. The risk will be related to forms of contamination between civilian zone of relaxing and the "updated" military heritage infrastructure. With the aid of the engine, the tourist will be able to shift the line between past and present in order to either push actual military infrastructure into the “heritage realm”, or activate past military infrastructure. In this manner, forms of “contamination” between civilian and military zones generate hybrid forms of landscape about relaxing.

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