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My research focuses on the role of architecture and urban design in uncertain, plus contested contemporary urban environments. I study such role by critically approaching architecture’s urban practice, as well its spatial agencies. I examine how the strategic value of urban design as well as the social dimension of architecture inform critical urban practices. I underwrite the architecture’s political dimension through its re-engagement with contemporary urban environment transformations, supporting the urban commons. I put an emphasis on methods with which critical architectural practice incorporates creatively political issues and seeks a role within a broader system of urban actors. I oscillate between a diffractive spatial practice and a practice-based research, thanks to entanglements between teaching, practicing, curating and writing. I enrich my research by operating in a highly contested territory, such as the Cypriot one. My multifaceted involvement in Europan Europe helps me to address such issues in a Europan and international networks of cities, professionals, and academics regarding the territorial turn of urban design.


Key words: the political in architecture and urban design, urban commons and activism, spatial agency in contested urban environments public space, critical spatial and urban practices, practice centered investigation in architecture and urbanism, territorial turn of urban design.

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