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AA & U, For Architecture, Art and Urbanism is an agency for interdisciplinary activities regarding the public domain and the urban commons.

It was born out from collaborations of Socrates Stratis with architects and visual artists. It has a variable size depending on the projects undertaken. The main founding member is Socrates Stratis, Dr. architect, urbanist associate professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus with Maria Loizidou, as a partner for visual arts. AA & U is about critical urban practices, producing knowledge by design regarding the urban commons and the city which is constantly fed back in the project making processes.

The AA & U spatial practice is bound by a horizontal approach across architecture, urbanism, and support structures. A lot of AA & U clients are public authorities such as Heraklion, Crete Greece, Athienou, Limassol, Planning Department, and Housing in Cyprus, Ministry of Interior, Minister of Education, etc.

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